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Crassula capitella 'Campfire': A small branched plant with long leaves that can be lime green to yellow to brilliant red, depending on the time of year. Plenty of sun and a bit of drought will help it stay colorful.

Water frequency: ​Every 10 to 14 days.

With its succulent qualities, it's quite adapt at storing water for longish periods of time between waterings. It’s best to allow the moss ball to dry out completely between waterings.


Fill a bowl with room temperature water. Place your kokedama in the water, plant side up. Push the moss ball down so that it is fully submerged and begins to absorb water. Allow soaking for 10-25 minutes, or until fully saturated with water.

Note: We use rainwater. If you use tap water, we recommend letting a bucket of water seat outside for at least 8 hours at daylight while the chlorine evaporates.

Light: Full sun, Part Shade

Adequate sunlight is absolutely necessary if you are trying to bring out the bright colors of your Campfire Crassula. 

Because the color can change significantly with only small changes to their care and condition, it is necessary to pay close attention to both the intensity and duration of sunlight exposure. 

In general, more sunlight = more color. That means that plants kept in shade or part shade will be greener in color, while plants that have access to direct & abundant sunlight will develop more color. 

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